Welcome to The Book Haven. We’re glad you’ve landed here and hope you will find some great tools and resources to support you in having "big conversations" with the children in your life.



We have a whole lot of passion to see future generations raised in a way that equips them to engage in our beautifully diverse country and world. As a non-profit company, we focus on sourcing and selling children's literature that is representative in nature and, facilitating workshops that empower people to have important conversations with young children.

We're working to raise children within our own families who are conscious, thoughtful and informed about how they engage with humanity.


Children who see people in their complexity and fullness and who understand that there is more than a single story that makes up who someone is. And, if we can share what we have learnt along the way, as well as learn from other people who are on this journey, in a way that can assist and equip those raising the next generation– it would be our privilege.

So again, welcome!
Come as you are, come as yourself,
come with your imperfections - because we come with ours.

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