Meet Leigh

I’m a born and raised Durban girl. I went to school here, university here and worked here. I ventured out for a few tours and travels over the years but always landed back in the 031. I grew up as the eldest of 3 children, under the roof of a teacher and an ex-pro soccer player turned paper sales merchant. Our home was filled with love and complexities – like any other home. In my journey towards self-awareness, I realised our household didn’t have big conversations much and I had a questioning mind but, along the way I found people to question with and learn from. I realised that I have a vast and diverse network of people that have hugely impacted my life. People that view the world through a wide variety of different lenses and journeying through life with and around this collection of individuals has really shaped my thinking.

After my schooling journey, I worked at a private university where a colleague and I ran the community engagement program and exposed and encouraged students to get involved in the variety of community development and social impact opportunities that are out there. This is where I learnt a lot. I built relationships with individuals and organisations that had devoted their lives to all sorts of inspiring work uplifting others.

I crossed paths with Anne initially in that first year of parenting (that can be a tough year right?), at a parent/child group. My child was consistently drawn to hers - mostly to try and pull his gorgeous hair while I ran interference on this. Anne's gracious nature shone through from day 1. Fast forward a couple of years, coffees and conversations and we bring you The Book Haven - where we hope you will find community, with us and others. We hope you will find community with other families and individuals from all walks of life. A community that is rich in diversity and difference. A community in which you will feel seen, held and accepted as you are.