Meet the team

Our Founding Story

With between us a background in Science, Psychology and Media Studies and a shared passion for humanity, human stories, empathy and healing - we considered ways to step into the children's literacy space and use books as tools to spark important conversations around difference.

We wanted to work towards seeing the beautiful mix of children in South Africa, engaging with books in which they could see themselves, as well as those different to them, reflected. And, beyond that, we wanted to create spaces to talk about these differences and learn together.

We wondered how we could offer up a stream of thinking and a collection of stories that could assist in shaping young minds and hearts to be open and curious towards one another, rather than cementing barriers between one another because of a lack of understanding or intolerance to difference.

The resistance to putting ourselves out there was strong but the pull towards what we wanted to share and offer others was stronger and eventually, we gave in to it, sinking into the overwhelm, doing what we could when we could and we continue taking steps forward together.

So here we are, a collective of introverts, sensitively woven together observers who have largely avoided conflict in life. We find ourselves connecting and starting The Book Haven with a focus on tackling some of the most contested topics in the world.


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