Meet Kendi My siblings consist of eight individuals ranging from the ages of 42 and 60 years. The difference between the first six children is pretty much a staircase. For some strange reason, my parents broke with the pattern and went on a 6-year hiatus after the sixth child was born – creating a six-year …

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Meet Leigh I’m a born and raised Durban girl. I went to school here, university here and worked here. I ventured out for a few tours and travels over the years but always landed back in the 031. I grew up as the eldest of 3 children, under the roof of a teacher and an …

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Anne Marie

Meet Anne I have a child who asks a lot of questions. A lot of them are meaningful or purposeful. Only recently my husband and I were asked how monks get monk babies. A question that packs the punch of a great deal of information, right? And no, this is not the start of a …

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